Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Was your house built in the 1920's onwards? If so it is likely your external walls are made up of two layers with a cavity space between them. By filling this space with Cavity Wall Insulation you will save money on a third of your annual fuel bill! And help your carbon footprint by drastically reducing the amount of carbon dioxide you release into the environment one of the biggest causes of climate change. Do your bit for the environment and save money at the same time, apply for a home improvement energy saving trust grant today through Warmfront. By insulating your cavity wall you could also get rid of any damp in your house, if you have damp on any external walls within your home.

Are you a homeowner? Are you claiming benefits - Child tax credits/ working tax credits/income support you could be eligible for FREE HEATING, LOFT INSULATION AND CAVITY WALL INSULATION GRANTS! Are you a landlord? As a landlord you could receive FREE HEATING, LOFT INSULATION AND CAVITY WALL INSULATION GRANTS for all your properties.