Benefits Of Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is the process of placing insulation in the loft space in order to prevent heat escaping your home through the roof. Heat naturally rises if your loft is not insulated the heat you have produced in your home, be it from your radiators or your gas fire will rise up in the atmosphere, travel to your loft and simply escape through the roof. This will ultimately cost you money, you will need to put your heating on a higher setting to compensate the heat loss, or turn the fire up a notch, this will cost you money on your monthly fuel bills. A whopping one quarter of heat from the home is lost through the roof; loft insulation is such a simple and effective way to drastically reduce your bills. By insulating your home you can save £145 per year and make your home more energy efficient reducing your carbon emissions.

The UK government are concerned with the high level of carbon emissions we currently produce, they are taking drastic steps to reduce the carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. The Warmfront grant is a government incentive provide home improvement work to homeovers who meet certain criteria. Under the WarmFront grant you can receive free loft insulation, a Warmfront surveyor will visit your home to discuss your home improvement needs and discuss free loft insulation in your home. Loft insulation is free with a Warmfront grant, have your loft insulated for free and enjoy saving money on your montly fuel bills! Do your bit for the environment and relax safe in the knowledge that your home is energy efficient, and the heat you are producing in your home stays in your home, leaving you and your family lovely and warm.

You can insulate your loft yourself, we advise you check to see if you qualify for FREE loft insulation first, you have nothing to lose! Loft Insulation can really benefit your home as well as the health of you and your family.