Free Solar Panels

Are you looking to save money on your Gas and eletricity bills? Well lets face it during these difficult economic times everybody is trying to cut back on there costs. Luckily whilst the government is cutting back on virtually everything, the one thing they are doing is providing free government grants to those of us who are less fortunate. These grants are designed at reducing the costs and insuring the 13,500,000 people in poverty can at least have a good chance of improving there future. So we should at least thank the government for that.

But how can a Free Government Grant help you to save money and potentially even earn money?

As I write this, there are currently Feed in and generatin tarrifs which can pay back upto 10% of the installation costs of �5000-�15000 per annum of work - now as we write this a number of companies will install this kit for free and take back this money - Our tip is if you can get the money for Solar Panels, Buy it yourself! However if not, there are a lot of companies who will install the free solar panels and take this money for a period of upto 25 years to earn themselves the money.

So I generate the Electricity, and Sell it - Can I Use any?

Yes! This is the beauty of this scheme, you are paid for all electricity generated and as such you can save money on your electricity as well as getting paid money back. However should you select for a free solar panel you will need to see what the charges are, however from all of our research the companies are offering you your daytime use electric free of charge, and they take all of the money from the excess generated.

This means you get the use of free solar panels without the costs associated, and your electricity bills will be reduced - saving you money from your free solar panels!