Loft Insulation Grants

The government has set up a number of home insulation grant incentives that you could be eligible for to receive FREE LOFT INSULATION AND CAVITY WALL INSULATION! A third of heat loss in the home is through the walls, you can save hundreds of pounds from your annual fuel bill by simply having cavity wall insulation. You could be eligible for free cavity wall insulation in your home through the Warmfront Grant Scheme! Warmfront is a brilliant grant aided incentive set up by the Government to offer people who are on certain benefits help in insulating and heating their homes, making homes energy efficient and saving you money. We all look forward to getting home to a nice warm house at the end of a winters day, the Worcester Bosh Combi Boiler installed for free under the Warmfront Grant is on timer, the Cavity Wall Insulation again installed for free under the grant scheme is keeping the heat in from the boiler, not forgetting the loft insulation preventing any heat escaping through the roof - Your house is pretty snug and warm, at no extra cost, in fact home insulation grants and heating grants actually save you money. Your house retains a lot of heat, therefore you do not need to have your boiler on as high as you would in a non insulated house.

Does loft insulation work? Well next time it snows have a look up at all the roofs on your street - The houses where the snow has melted from the roofs ultimately have little if any loft insulation. Consequently the houses where the snow is very much prominent on the roofs are well insulated! This example shows how much heat actually escapes from the roof space, this is the amount of heat your loosing from your home every day and the reason why you have to have your radiators on so high! Save money, save energy apply for a Warmfront Home Insulation Grant today! Do you already have some loft insulation in your loft space? It may still be worth applying for a FREE loft insulation top up grant which adds fresh insulation to meet the recommended guidelines. The Energy Savings Trust organisation also offer a number of home improvement grants which includes free insulation, it is worth having a look to see if you are eligible for a grant for free insulation.

Are you a homeowner? Are you claiming benefits - Child tax credits/ working tax credits/income support you could be eligible for FREE HEATING, LOFT INSULATION AND CAVITY WALL INSULATION GRANTS! Are you a landlord? As a landlord you could receive FREE HEATING, LOFT INSULATION AND CAVITY WALL INSULATION GRANTS for all your properties.