The Application Process

All WarmFront applications go through a process, progression through the various stages can take a little bit of time, therefore some patience is needed. Although waiting is much easier if you know whats going on at least! Therefore we have included a WarmFront Grant Application Process page to give you an idea of what stages your grant application goes though, it is much easier to wait if you know your application is being dealt through the stages and not sat in a pile on a desk somewhere!

1. Apply For A WarmFront Grant
You can apply for a WarmFront grant in writing, over the phone or online on the WarmFront website - Simply click on the WarmFront link on the right hand side of this page.

2. WarmFront Will Contact You
Once WarmFront has received your application they will contact you to arrange for a Warmfront technical suveyor to visit your home to confirm your qualifying paperwork and discuss your home improvement requirements.

3. Proposed WarmFront Work Allocation
The technical survey and all necessary details will then be passed onto a WarmFront approved installer, who will look after the work from now on.

4. WarmFront Installation
Your WarmFront approved installers will contact you to arrange an installation date

5. WarmFront Inspection
Once the work has been completed a Warmfront inspector will contact you to arrange an inspection of the work.

6. WarmFront Warranty
When the work has fully passed the inspection and has been signed off completely your warranty will begin.